Ridgid Ridgid 36278 Portable TRISTAND® Chain Vise 460-12


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Product Description

Portable TRISTAND® Chain Vise for pipe 1/8″ to 12″

Details & Specs

Weight 66.00 lbs
Dimensions 16.00 x 19.00 x 48.00 in
ECCN Number EAR99
Unit Volume 14592.00 cubic


  • The 975 Combo Groover includes new, patented auto tracking technology for significantly easier grooving. Whether you're doing machine-powered or manual grooving, the AutoTrack gauge keeps the pipe automatically engaged to the groover throughout the grooving process. The 975 also includes a permanently depth setting gauge for quicker, repeatable set-up.
  • When manually roll grooving, the 975's 55% higher gear reduction means less hand force required versus competitive manual roll groovers. This is especially helpful for over-head roll grooving.
  • A tough, ductile iron construction means the 975 can absorb jobsite abuse and provide accurate grooves time after time. A cast-in handle makes the 975 easily portable to and from the jobsite.
  • The Model 975 Combo roll Groover is two tools in one. Like other RIDGID roll Groovers, the 975 mounts on the RIDGID 300 Power Drive for machine-powered roll grooving jobs, but is also designed to manually roll groove in-place pipe.